19 March 2014

Day 76 / 103 - The Object

My son's creative writing assignment for this week was to pretend to be a time-traveler from the Middle Ages to the 21st century.  He was to describe something he saw in the future for his friends in the 13th century.  I loved his finished work!

The Object

My fellow citizens of Lorgestown. Recently, I have traveled to America, the land across the Atlantic during the 21st century. At first, I noticed it had magnificent massive towers as tall as the sky made of glass. It also had giant metal birds that would fly thought the sky without flapping their wings. But surprisingly, no one seemed interested in the tall towers or the giant metal birds. They were obsessed with a small rectangular object that everyone seemed to possess. These objects made bizarre splashing and squawking noises which occasionally sounded musical. After the bizarre noises sounded, the citizens would put the objects to the side of their heads and speak as though someone was listening. Often they would poke furiously at this object, I'm assuming to see if it was still breathing as my great-great-grandfather would do with his cattle during the Black Death. 

I also observed these citizens talk about defending strange lands and castles with these objects. The citizens talked about these castles made of gumdrops. On my journey, I tasted one of these multicolored gumdrops, and I am still perplexed as to how someone would construct a castle made of this sugary delight. Frequently, I heard children discuss building these castles, yet I never saw children doing anything but poking these strange objects. I never even saw a castle during my time in America. 

Holding their object at arm's length above their heads, the citizens would often smile at it. I don't know why. What seemed to make the citizens the most angry was dropping this object, for much shouting and obscenities would follow. They would drop to their knees and holler, “NOOOOOO!” as if praying to a foreign god. All the citizens in the future seemed to find this object necessary, yet I find it odd that we are functioning quite well without them.

Speech given by Sir William Edward Lorges IV, Town Hall, circa 1412

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