17 March 2014

Day 75 / 103 - Roll the Die Sentence Creations

I recently saw an idea similar to this shared on a Classical Conversations message board, so I adapted the game for my children and my Essentials class.

Each sentence pattern, structure, and purpose was determined by a roll of the die.  Then my children had to add in a specific part of speech for their final roll.  After a few tries, I found it was easiest to determine first the purpose (declarative, interrogative, etc.) then the pattern (S-Vt-DO, etc.) then the structure (simple, compound, etc.) then the part of speech.  For example if they rolled 1, 3, 4, and 6, their creation would be a Declarative, S-Vl-PA, simple sentence with a conjunction.  The first sentence listed is: Sierra is six and playful.

This utilizes some some serious thinking and dialectic skills, but is totally worth it!!

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  1. I love how your brain works! Thanks for linking up! Blessings - Colleen