06 October 2013

Day 23 / 103 - Chart A Reconstruction

I've posted before about the importance of Chart A in our Essentials program (here).  My children have written, and rewritten, and rewritten this chart countless times in order to memorize the various parts of a sentence; a sentence's structure, purpose and pattern; as well as the eight parts of speech.  We have written it on page protectors, notebook paper, dry erase boards, windows, chalk boards, construction paper, and more.  This week, I challenged my children, and their Essentials class, to reconstruct Chart A however they wanted to, they just needed to include the five core components.  I loved their results.

The reconstructions belonging to my children are posted above, but you can view most of the rest of the class below.  My personal favorite is the one drawn on a t-shirt.  Brilliant.


  1. Love this, Anne! Another great use of LEGO learning! We'll practice our charts this way this week. Thanks for the idea, and for linking up to the CC Weekly Link-Up!

    1. Thanks, Brandi. We've also done some Lego memory work this way, too. You can never do too much review with Legos.

  2. Just sent this out to my Essentials class! Good work!