02 May 2013

Day 100 / 102 - Multiplication Drills

I came across this idea on Pinterest and immediately recreated something similar for my own use.  I give my daughter a drill worksheet in a page protector with a dry erase marker.  She fills in the left hand column with the number she is drilling.  We mix up numbers 1 - 12 on the right.  We set the timer, and she has one minute to complete the multiplication problems on the sheet.  If she doesn't complete it in a minute, we start over.  This has been a simple way to drill, and a nice change from the usual Times Tests.


  1. We love these drill sheets! I used them in class this year too. :) Thanks for sharing them on Wonderful Wednesday Link-Up!

  2. This is a great way to drill multiplication facts! Thank you for sharing at the Cycle 3 Weekly Link-up!

  3. Where can I find this multiplication sheet to download?

    1. Hi!

      There's a downloadable one at this link -- https://halfahundredacrewood.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/hhaw-multiplication-drill-sheet.pdf