20 February 2013

Day 71 / 102 - Homeschool Day at the Capitol

Yesterday we visited Charleston, along with homeschoolers across the state of West Virginia, to show our support for homeschooling.  Homeschool Day at the Capitol is an opportunity for us to educate our legislators on the value of homeschooling, as well as to build positive relationships with our lawmakers by meeting them personally.  Since our relocation here 7 months ago, I am surprised how difficult it is, legally, to homeschool in the state of West Virgina compared to Ohio.  Fortunately, I was able to communicate that to more than one legislator yesterday.

Of course, we had a little fun too, and pictured above are my children after our tour of the Governor's Mansion.  We visited the West Virginia Capitol Complex earlier this fall (here).  One thing my children were quick to notice was there was no bag inspection, nor metal detectors at any of the buildings or museums.  As soon as they mentioned it, I realized it myself.  In fact, yesterday we strolled right into the Governor's Mansion without anyone checking to see the contents of my purse.  And Governor Tomblin was at home during our visit!

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