26 January 2013

Day 65 / 102 - Meet Kirsten

My daughter and I attended our first Raleigh County Public Library American Girl party this morning.  Kirsten (a doll that has been retired) is a brave pioneer girl growing up in 1850's Minnesota.  We are somewhat familiar with her stories.

I must say, our local library knows how to throw an American Girl party.  I didn't quite know what to expect, but I'm so glad we braved the weather (and roads) to attend this morning's festivities.  In two hours time, my daughter journeyed back in time to 1850's America.  She square danced, wove baskets, wrote with chalk on a slate, decorated a quilt square, shopped at the General Store, played in a log cabin, and more!

We can't wait until the next party this spring!

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