05 November 2012

Day 36 / 102 - It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

This 500-piece Halloween puzzle has been a tradition bane of our existence since we purchased it six years ago.  We attempt to solve it every October even though it is the Most. Difficult. Puzzle. Ever.  There is not a single straight edge piece.  The pieces are oddly shaped.  And, with the exception of Linus and Sally, it has very little color variation.  Each year we have a love-hate relationship with this puzzle.  Honestly, I thought this year we would not be able to complete the task.  It hadn't even been unpacked.  But once the snow storm rolled in last week, I figured we might as well dig it out and give it a shot.

We did quite a bit of it by candlelight or headlamp, but fortunately we completed the task in a few days.  As my children age, they are able to remember where some of the most bizarre pieces belong.  That is helpful considering each year I seem to forget even more about it.

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