04 November 2012

Day 35 / 102 - Snow Days!

In order to have an eclectic collection of activities and events from our school year, I need to include a post on our recent Snowpacolypse.

Hurricane Sandy dumped 30" of snow on Beckley, West Virginia last week.  We were out of power for 48 hours.  We were fortunate, because some areas near us are still out.  We bundled up and made an adventure out of it.  Honestly, I preferred the snow to the rain that the rest of the east coast received.  At least we were still able to play outside.  We did quite a bit of that!

Of course we talked about hurricanes and weather patterns, and why a tropical storm that was hundreds of miles away could be responsible for heavy, wet snow in Beckley.  Everything is a teachable moment.

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