17 May 2012

Day 87 / 101 - Mini-Mudder

Over the past 18 months my husband and I have attempted to train for and participate in the newest wave of obstacle course/mud runs such as the Warrior Dash or the Tough Mudder.  (He's actually much better at them than I am, and has logged some pretty impressive times on the courses he has run).  Well, of course the kids don't want us to have all the fun...so my husband has enjoyed arranging obstacle courses in the woods behind our house for them to tackle.

On Sunday, he designed an impressive twenty-obstacle-course.  The kids, along with their cousins and some neighbor friends, charged through the woods, jumped over creeks, ran on some trails, crawled under logs, got muddy, dragged concrete blocks across the patio, jumped fences, submerged themselves in the creek to retrieve golf balls, got muddier, ran some more trails, rolled truck tires across the yard, jumped over punching bags, and more!  After about two miles in the woods, the last obstacle was a slip-and-slide in an attempt to wash off some of the mud.

We can't wait until they're old enough to run the real events with us!