11 April 2012

Day 76 / 101 - Memory Master

Last Wednesday my son became a "Memory Master" for the second year in a row!

"Memory Master" is an honor bestowed on Classical Conversations Foundations students who have mastered all of the memory work during the twenty-four weeks of Foundations class. We define "mastery" of the information as having committed the information to long-term memory, which means we do not cram for a single test and then forget it. I focus on my children being able to learn this information, and retain it, for a lifetime.

The amount of information the students recite is lengthy. This year is Cycle 3, so my son has mastered, and can recite, the following:

-The entire timeline of 160 events from creation to modern times; 
-Twenty-four history sentences about U.S. history; 
-Twenty-four science questions and answers covering human anatomy, chemistry, and origins; 
-Multiplication tables through the fifteens plus squares and cubes, conversions, and math laws; 
-All fifty states and their capitals plus over seventy physical features on the U.S. map; 
-Twenty-four definitions or lists from English grammar; 
-Latin vocabulary lists and John 1:1–7 in Latin; and 
-The forty-four U.S. presidents.

During the process, he had to recite this information not only to me, but also to three other adults.  Becoming a "Memory Master" is no easy task, but we are super proud of him for how hard he worked and all that he achieved.  Plus, it's always a great party trick to have your child recite the Preamble to the Constitution or the Bill of Rights at family gatherings.  :)

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