11 April 2012

Day 75 / 101 - Team Dance

This year my daughter has participated on a competition dance team with nine other young dancers from her studio.  Since Thanksgiving, she has been tap dancing several times a week rehearsing a routine to Mr. Sandman.  Before this year, I knew very little about dance competitions.  However, after a full winter of rehearsals and two very full competition weekends, I've increased my knowledge some.  Her group did very well, even winning the overall award for one entire competition.  Individually, she won a 4th Place Certificate of Merit for tap dancing from the Ohio Dance Masters Scholarship Program.

I must admit, I'm a little relieved to have the competition season behind us.  But, my daughter loves to dance.  Especially tap dance.  Once again, I'm so glad our homeschooling schedule permits us to pursue those activities that appeal to and interest her.

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