20 March 2012

Day 69 / 101 - Dolphin Unit Study

It should come as no surprise that, after our trip to Florida, my daughter has wanted to endlessly study dolphins.  Here are a few facts we've studied:

 - mammals
- echolocation
- where they live
- how they play
- different types of dolphins
 - mothers and calves

She made the above display for one of her weekly presentations.


  1. Addy is loving dolphins right now, too! Her obsession began after seeing 'A Dolphin Tale'. We are going on a dolphin cruise while we're in Florida, so if you have any great resources we should look at before we go, I would love to know them!

    1. Hi! We did this all with random books from the library. Although it all stemmed from Discovery Cove. Your cruise sounds awesome, and they'll probably have tons of info for you and Addy. Have fun!