12 March 2012

Day 66 / 101 - Roll of the Die Place Value

This was inspired by something I saw once upon a time on The Price is Right.  A contestant would try to guess the correct price of a car by rolling a die.  The number that was rolled needed to be locked into a place value spot.  I think there was more to their game, but for us, this is where we stopped.

I played this today with my daughter as we worked on correctly reading and writing five digit numbers.  We each had our own whiteboard, and the goal was to try to create the largest number.  After each roll of the die, we 'locked' that number into a place value.  After five rolls, the person with the largest number was the winner.  My daughter then needed to write her number in words.

1 comment:

  1. What a great and simple idea! I'm going to do this soon with my kids. Thanks.