08 March 2012

Day 65 / 101 - Pinewood Derby

Last Friday night was the Pinewood Derby for Cub Scout Pack 789.  My son lives for the Pinewood Derby.  In fact, I think it's the only reason he's a scout.  There are numerous posts I could make about my son and scouts and how the two fit together into our homeschool curriculum (the popcorn he's sold, the badges he's earned, etc).  But, what he loves most is the Pinewood Derby.

This car is 100% his.  He designed and shaped the car.  He sanded and filed the car (sometimes at the expense of his other school work, but of course, by choice).  He tirelessly greased the axles over and over again.  I'm sure there were countless other responsibilities and tasks that needed to be completed, but he took ownership for each and every one, which is why I'm completely unaware of all he accomplished.

His hard work paid off, because his car won first place for the Webelos.  It took second overall for the Pack.  He now advances to the District Finals in April.  We'll keep you posted.....

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