07 February 2012

Day 50 / 101 - Hi-Lo

I have realized that many of my posts have to do with how we've been learning English grammar.  I admit that has been a big part of our curriculum this year, hence the many posts.  However, I thought for a bit, I'd let you in on some math games we play.  I try to do some type of math activity everyday, even when we're not 'in school'.  This is a new game we recently learned at our Essentials class.  It may have a real name, but we've resorted to calling it Hi-Lo.  It emphasizes multi-digit adding and subtracting as well as regrouping and borrowing.

To begin, remove face cards and 10's from a deck of playing cards. 
Each player starts with five playing cards.  Of the five cards, make the two highest numbers you can with four of the cards.  Discard the extra card.  Add the two high numbers together. 
Each player now receives three cards.  Make the smallest number you can with two of the cards.  Discard the extra card.  Subtract the low number from the sum of the first problem.
Each player now receives three more cards.  Make another high number with two, discarding the extra card.  Add that number to your previous total, and you have your score.

Usually we play about five rounds to determine a winner.  For extra fun, we add the total of the five rounds together, and take an average (to work some division into the game!)

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