24 April 2017

Day 41 / 106 - CCBC Holiday Performance

Last fall, I posted that my daughter is an Apprentice member of the Charlotte City Ballet Company.  Naturally, that company has a holiday performance.  However, their performance is a tad different from the usual Nutcracker.  We like to call their performance a 'Nutcracker Sampler' because it highlights some of the best pieces of the classical ballet.  This sampler is performed alongside several original pieces of choreography.  Because they've simplified the performance, the company is able to take the show on the road.  Literally.  They performed five different shows at five different venues in four weeks' time.

There are twenty ballerinas in the company, so there is much dancing [and costume changing] done by all in order to perform.  One of the goals of the company is to provide quality performance training and performance opportunities for aspiring dancers.  This is true.  I believe she danced more on stage in these five performances than in all her other recitals and Nutcracker performances combined.  

I'm definitely late to the party with this post because their spring performance is just two weeks away.

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