01 January 2017

Day 14 / 106 - Happy New Year!!

This blog needs an update.

We have had a busy fall, but it has not been hectic.  We have been busy with many things that have brought us much joy.  However, our schedule has interfered with my organization to upload photos from my camera and to write brief synopses of our living and learning.

I lost motivation, and I had considered abandoning the entire idea of maintaining a blog.

But, my entire reason for keeping a blog is to chronicle the educational journey of my children.  I have faith that someday they will return to celebrate these memories.

So, I've resolved to organize myself a bit, upload dozens of pictures, and journal away our year [even the far outdated events].

2017 cheers to you and yours.  Best of luck with your new year goals.


  1. I would be so very sad if you abandoned your blog. I'm looking forward to catching up, one outdated event at a time. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, Wendy. Blessings to you in 2017.