04 November 2016

Day 8 / 106 - October Learning With My Kids

Welcome to Daily Learning With My Kids.  Monthly, I'm highlighting when my children (or myself) have learned something new or noteworthy.  Oftentimes, my children will have these discoveries independently and without curriculum.  That's the best kind of learning.  I plan to remember these a-ha moments to keep the joy in the journey.


What we've been doing.

Reading. Laughing. Learning. Playing. Algebra-ing. Translating. Declining. Driving [mom and son]. Working. Solving. Creating. Enjoying. Running. Dancing. Scouting. 

What we haven't been doing.

Blogging.  [I have a list of posts a mile long, but as my children age I'm discovering I should become a once a month blogger.]

Studying the Middle Ages in a research format has been wonderful.  I do have plans to post all of our weekly topics and the various projects we've completed.  While learning about the Visigoths and their sack of Rome, we read the above words from St. Jerome who was in Bethlehem at the time of the attack.  King Alaric led the Visigoth campaign in 410 AD.  Prior to this, Rome had not fallen to a foreign enemy in over 700 years.

My daughter purchased herself a ukulele and has taught herself to play via youTube.  She also learned how to construct a capo using only a rubber band and a pencil, again thanks to youTube.  [I didn't even know what a capo was when I was 12.]  

We've used several different resources this fall to expand our knowledge of the Latin language.  I'm pleased to report we are learning much.  If you haven't already translated the above picture, it reads --

Come, O Great Pumpkin.

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