18 November 2016

Day 12 / 106 - The Gupta Dynasty

Week three of our Middle Ages History class had us learning about The Gupta Dynasty.  [If you missed my original post on how this history class is structured, read it here.]

Throughout the week at home, my children and I gathered research on the Guptas, as well as on pivotal others during their empire [like the poet Kalidasa, pictured above].  My at-home goal is that my children read something, watch something, listen to something, and write something on each topic.  Some weeks are better than others.  

In class, after map and timeline work, we defined this influential period in India's history.  Our definition for The Gupta Dynasty reads:  The Gupta Dynasty was a ruling empire in India from 320 AD - 550 AD.  Because their strong military force kept peace, they made many advancements in arts, sciences, and culture.

Some notable hashtags: 
#zerotohero [the concept of zero as a digit was developed during this period]
#squadgoals [a military squad, including elephants and horses, guarded each village]

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