01 May 2016

Day 79 / 105 - April Happens At The Table

April has been somewhat chaotic for us.  Since March, my husband has been traveling regularly throughout the week.  When he travels for work, I always feel like time moves really quickly, yet everyday feels like an eternity.  (We used to say that about time when our children were infants!) His travel schedule eases up in the next three weeks, and I'm looking forward to a little more structure, especially in the evening.

Until then, my children and I have  been in survival mode while living and learning around our table. 

Since our Classical Conversations year has ended, one afternoon I became highly motivated and completed a little cleaning and reorganizing.  The outcome has been a breath of fresh air in our somewhat cluttered dining room.

For memory's sake, I tossed the dance and track bags onto the table one evening and snapped a picture.  I feel that my evenings have been quite full as I've shuttled my children to and from their activities this spring.

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