06 April 2016

Day 69 / 105 - March Happens At The Table

If you follow our Classical Conversations journey, or if you are a CC'er yourself, you know that March is a hectic month.  We have been full swing in drilling for Memory Master as well as finishing our final Essentials project.  Our semester comes to an end tomorrow.

Plus, March seems to be the month that we always entertain family and other guests.  The good news is, that keeps my house relatively clean.

We finally transferred our son's merit badges to a sash.  It truly has been miraculous that he hasn't lost any through the years.  

This 'midnight snack' picture makes me chuckle because he really was consuming this amount of food at 11:00 p.m.  On the left hand side of the picture, you will see his food log notebook.  He has shown great discipline in tracking when and what he eats.  

This year, we have been much more intentional about our children regularly drilling math on Khan Academy.  When they were younger, I felt that using Khan Academy was helpful, but another thing I had to manage.  Now that my children know far more about technology than I could ever hope to, 30 minutes on the site has become part of their daily routine.  

My days as an Essentials (or Foundations) tutor have come to an end.  My daughter finishes the program tomorrow.  There are elements of this program that I will truly miss.  

On that note, I snapped the picture on the right last week when my daughter and I were drilling her Geography memory work.  I thought, I bet I can find a similar picture from years ago.  A quick scroll through Shutterfly produced the photo on the left taken in the fall of 2010 when she began the program.

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