26 January 2016

Day 48 / 105 - For the Love of Dance

My daughter has settled into a phenomenal dance school here in Charlotte.  We feel very fortunate to be a part of this school.  Last weekend, along with Southeast Psych, Sullivan Dance Centre hosted For The Love of Dance, featuring Andrew Nemr.

Andrew is an internationally renowned tap dance artist, TED fellow, and former mentee of Gregory Hines.  He has a love for the arts, and he shares that love while tap-dancing.  Following his performance, he was joined by a panel of dance experts, and they facilitated a discussion to equip parents, dancers, and dance educators with a framework to foster a healthy dance experience.  I loved the evening.  I walked away with a new appreciation for the art of dance and how to help connect my daughter to the beauty of that art.

However, the highlight for my daughter was spending the afternoon tap-dancing with Mr. Nemr.  Graciously, he spent the afternoon before his performance directing a workshop for the girls.

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