02 October 2015

Day 24 / 105 - September Happens At The Table

I cannot believe it is October.  Daily, it's still 85 degrees in the south (with the exception of today, thanks to Hurricane Joaquin).  Being new to the south, I'm fooled in thinking that it is still August.

We had a very full September.  Classical Conversations, along with our children's extracurriculars, has kept us busy.  We had family visit early in the month.  I posted on Instagram that if you come visit me in Charlotte, I will buy you these donuts.  They are spectacular.  Each one is like a gourmet dessert.

I mentioned our trip to Florida.  I packed schoolwork and didn't unpack it until we returned home.  I don't even know why I bother.

Challenge B has introduced us to the Current Events/Debate strand.  Each week my son is assigned a premise, and he has to research the topic with support for and against the issue.  Ironically, I took this picture when he was researching, Whether tablets should replace textbooks in the classroom from his tablet. 

Many of the scientists we've studied this fall have warranted their own posts, but two that haven't were Copernicus with his heliocentric solar system and Faraday with his electric motor.  I never imagined homeschooling higher level sciences to be so fun! 

At the end of the month, we celebrated a birthday.  His birthday, but she made the cake.


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