17 April 2015

Day 86 / 104 - Latin Graffiti Wall

Last week, my Challenge A students visited the Challenge B class for their Latin seminar.  While observing the class, I was even more convinced of one thing -- the most important Latin concept Challenge A students can (and should) master is the vocabulary.  Once the vocabulary words are mastered, it frees up the students to learn countless other Latin grammar concepts.

In light of that, yesterday I covered our sizable white board with Latin vocabulary words, color coding them by nouns, adjectives, and verbs.  Students would take turns at the board translating a word and then erasing it if correct.  This was similar to a review activity that I completed with my Essentials class last spring.

We have four more Latin seminars left this academic year.  I'm anticipating spending quite a bit of that time reviewing Latin vocabulary.

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