07 April 2015

Day 81 / 104 - Memory Master Prep

About a week ago I gave my daughter the option of not becoming a Memory Master (even though she has earned this title more than once).  We've had much on the agenda this spring, and with my transition into Challenge A I simply have not kept up on her memory work like I have in the past.  Surprisingly, backing out of Memory Master was not a viable option for her.  I was shocked mostly because follow-through is not one of her strengths.  Also, there might have been one (or more!) arguments that ended with tears her first two times through the process.

I reasoned with her that if she was still up for the challenge, she needed to have the rest of the information mastered by the end of this week.  She's pretty confident with about 90% of the material.  Again, to my surprise, she has owned this.  Today, independently, she devised a color system to help her with her U.S. Geography, specifically the physical features.  She spent some time teaching herself what she didn't already have memorized.

There is quite a difference in the Memory Master process between a student who wants to become a Memory Master versus a student whose parents want her to become a Memory Master.  Once a student is old enough to own this process, the goal seems quite manageable.  I'm now excited to see her through this process over the next two weeks.

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