18 March 2015

Day 74 / 104 - Menu Math

While attempting some cleaning and organizing a few weeks ago, I unearthed this book.  My guess is I purchased it years ago (I haven't lived near a Half Price Books in almost three years) in hopes of doing something educational with it.  Then, like most things, I quickly forgot about it.  Fortunately, locating it now was rather appropriate.  I passed it off to my 11-year-old daughter.

The book is full of fun menus for pets, from outer space, by location, and more.  Each menu gives a student the opportunity to apply mathematical skills and thinking to a lifelike situation.  There are worksheets that accompany each menu.

However, my daughter's favorite activity has been to set us up in a restaurant, take our order, and provide us with our total.  I often tell her I'm paying with a $20 and require her to make change.  It's been a blast, especially for her.  Math can be fun !!

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