09 December 2014

Day 44 / 104 - Meet Julie

We ended our six-week American Girl class by exploring the world of Julie Albright.  Julie is the most progressive of all the American Girls, living in San Fransisco in the mid-'70s.  Her parents are divorced.  She is eager to play on the boy's basketball team at her school because there is no girl's team.  While researching Julie, I also discovered she is the only American Girl doll who is sold wearing pants (all the rest are in skirts and/or dresses) signifying the change in attitudes about clothing for women.

For our final class, we opted to tie-dye t-shirts (for our class members and their dolls).  Of course, there was not nearly enough time to actually tie-dye, so we gave the sharpies-and-rubbing-alcohol-pin a try.  Success !!

As part of the History and Geography component of our class, each week we identified the girl's location on a U.S. map and marked her era of life on a timeline.  Our students departed with their individual maps and timelines on our final class day.

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