03 September 2014

Day 15 / 104 - O Canada

I have mentioned before (and I will surely be mentioning it again) that one of the subjects my son is studying in depth this year is Geography.  Hopefully, by the end of the year, he will have a strong grasp on where every country in the world is located.

We began our Geography journey in Canada, and he has spent the last two weeks learning the provinces, their capitals, major bodies of water, and other landmarks and features of our northern neighbor.  In order to master the locations we have identified with our atlas, he has drawn the map and labeled the locations.  Then, he has redrawn the map and labeled the locations.  Then, he has done it again.  And, again.  Everyday for the past two weeks, he has drawn a map similar to the one pictured above.

Tomorrow, in his Geography seminar, he will attempt to draw this map and label all that he can from memory.

[Expect to see a plethora of maps posted on this blog this year.]

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