16 June 2014

Memory Work Folder

Since Classical Conversations practicums are in full swing, and everyone is deciding what materials to purchase for Cycle 1, I thought I'd take two minutes to let you know how we organize our memory work.  Our first years in the program I was excited to buy all the extras, but as I became more familiar with the material, I realized our best bet was to assemble a Memory Work Folder straight from the Foundations Guide.  This has served us well as my children have earned the Memory Master title several times.  Also, as a Foundations tutor, I found it much simpler to conduct my review time strictly from this folder.

All you need is one folder per child, page protectors, and access to a photo copier.

I make copies of all the memory work by subject.  I slide all these pages into page protectors and then assemble them into a three-pronged folder. 

The Cycle 1 Memory Work Subject Summary begins on page 57 in your Foundations Guide.

For Geography we include the map work that we completed with color.  You can see my post on that here.  Blackline maps for Cycle 1 are located on page 216 and 217 of your Foundations Guide.

I include the Memory Master proof sheets.  The proof sheets for Cycle 3 can be found on page 205 - 208 of your Foundations Guide.

During the school year, these folders travel with us wherever we go so we can constantly review.  Even my children have learned to take them to their Foundations classes and jot down notes on songs or mnemonics they used that week to drill the information.   Pictured above is my daughter's from Cycle 2.   She is still motivated by stickers, so as she mastered that piece of information, it was 'checked off' with a sticker.


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing this simple and effective idea!

  2. Thank you for sharing how simple we can keep it! I love it!

  3. You're welcome.
    There's simplicity in CC and the Classical Model.
    It's why I love it so.