21 May 2014

Day 96 / 103 - Do You Even Lift?

This post is long past due, but rarely do you see my living space on this blog.  It's usually just pictures of my children and/or their assignments.  There's good cause for that.  However, one of the reasons we bought this particular house when we moved to Beckley was because of the amount of space to design a home gym.  So, be prepared.  You are about to venture into our garage.

We love our garage.  We spend a lot of time here.  I guarantee you that it is more equipped than most commercial gyms you have been in.  We have lots of heavy things to lift.  We have things to climb.  We have things to throw.  We have things to swing.  And swing from.  And hang from.  We have things to kick.  And jump on.  And jump over.  We have invested in equipment that has made our children (and us!) incredibly strong and healthy during our two years here.

We have always been an active family.  Sometimes I chuckle to myself when I'm asked about how I incorporate Phys Ed as a homeschooler. Since my children have always spent the majority of their days running, skipping, jumping, dancing, and kicking, I've never really been concerned.  But, the weight lifting aspect has been new to my children and I over the past two years.  They are getting to the ages where they realize that by being stronger it drastically affects your performance in the activities you love.  Fortunately, we have all the equipment to help them get stronger within their reach.

We have attempted a regular weight lifting schedule with our children.  Usually they accompany my husband into the gym when he's lifting.  He's helped to design and facilitate a program for them that will allow them to build muscle and gain strength as they age.  Like any workout program, we've encouraged them to be consistent a couple times a week.

Of course, we the parents have enjoyed this added benefit to our home.  Personally, I have realized that weight/strength training, like any other subject, can be learned and understood at any stage of life.  Knowing you have the right tools to learn gives you all the confidence you need.

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