19 May 2014

Day 94 / 103 - Wilderness Survival

On Saturday, my son earned his Boy Scout Wilderness Survival Merit Badge.  He spent 24 hours in the wilderness and was responsible for all his clothing, gear, food, and a personal survival kit to manage any risks that might occur.  Part of his requirement was to construct a natural shelter using techniques that have zero impact on the environment, and then spend the night in that shelter.  If you remember, he's a pro at this (here).  This time, the weather was a little more agreeable, so he used two tarps and a pine tree.  He also had to learn several ways to start a fire (including one method using steel wool and a 9-Volt battery) as well as demonstrating three ways to treat water to prepare it for drinking.

This year, he has gone camping with his troop probably every 4 - 6 weeks.  Naturally, this camp out required a little more upfront work from him ahead of time.

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