18 April 2014

Day 85 / 103 - Essentials Graffiti Wall

Yesterday, my Essentials class worked in teams to identify every word I had written on the white board.  The teams would take turns sending one member to the board, and that student needed to either define the term on the board or give an example of the word.  If they answered correctly, we would erase the word from the board.  We continued until every word was erased.

I was actually quite impressed with my class and their knowledge of the material as well as their participation in the game.


  1. Love the graffiti wall! Thank you for linking up! Blessings - Colleen

  2. What a fantastic idea! I'm writing that one down for my class next year.

  3. This is a wonderful idea! I love it! I could see using this is so many other areas, too.

    I wanted to stop by and introduce myself to you - I will be taking over the CC Blog Carnival from Brandy, and I do hope you will continue to submit articles. The submission address is CCBlogcarnival@yahoo.com.

    Nice to "meet" you!

  4. Thank you for sharing your hard work & creativity and for keeping the information obtainable. Four years ago when you initially posted, I want even aware of homeschooling wonderfulnrss yet!