13 February 2014

Day 59 / 103 - Snow Fort

Scrolling through this blog, I went back in time thinking for certain I had posted at least once about snow forts.  Nope.  My last post about one was here.

It started snowing last night.  It's still snowing.  It is supposed to continue snowing.  Since living in Beckley, this is the second time that I've seen snow that has rivaled anything I ever witnessed in lake-effect Cleveland.  Our best estimate is that we have 15 inches so far.

I'm about 90% certain someone will be sleeping in this fort tonight.  Constructing a shelter and spending the night in it is one of the requirements for a Boy Scout Merit Badge my son wants to earn.  I'll keep you posted ....


  1. Spending the night? Oh, boy, you are braver than I am!

  2. My family is braver than I.
    I slept in my bed.