09 January 2014

Day 48 / 103 - Latin Verb Endings -- First Conjugation

My children, for years, have always memorized parts of the Latin language in hopes that when they begin actually studying the Latin language they will quickly be able to grasp it.  This year, we have been memorizing the first conjugation verb endings.  Admittedly, they have most of the endings already memorized by list, but remembering which list corresponds with which tense is always their sticking point.

Today, we created these folders to help us study.  We color-coded our tenses to help us remember them better.  My children's instructions were of course written on our patio sliders.  It's a little difficult to see because of the sunshine.  [Side note: I'm super thankful for our sunny weather thawing out our hilly town!]


  1. I love your patio door whiteboard! Gorgeous view through there too :-)
    We were reading Shakespeare today, and my daughter was excited to be able to guess the meaning of "exeunt", having looked at verb endings yesterday. She was so pleased with herself!

  2. Great post! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks.
      I know I need to post your button. I'm working on it. I'm terribly challenged when it comes to technology. It's a miracle I can turn the computer on.