23 October 2013

Day 27 / 103 - Bridge Day 2013

On Saturday my husband and son journeyed out to Fayette County for their annual Bridge Day festival.  This has been one event we wanted to experience in West Virginia during our time here.

In case you are unfamiliar, Bridge Day is the one day a year where people are allowed to BASE jump off the New River Bridge into the Gorge 876 feet below.  This year over 400 jumpers participated successfully completing 934 jumps.  The bridge is closed to traffic for the day and is open for pedestrian spectators.

To make it more exciting, my husband and son wanted to enjoy the festivities from the bottom of the Gorge, which included a 12 mile round trip hike down and back.

People are also allowed to rappel off the bridge that day which I think sounds like The. Worst. Thing. Ever.  You can vaguely see that happening in the picture below.

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