11 October 2013

Day 25 / 103 - All's Well That Ends Well

Yesterday my children and I traveled to Staunton, Virgina to experience The American Shakespeare Center.  It was most definitely an experience.

The American Shakespeare Center hosts an internationally acclaimed theatre company that performs Shakespeare's works under their original staging conditions -- on a simple stage, without elaborate sets, and with the audience sharing the same light as the actors.  They perform in the Blackfriars Playhouse, the world's only recreation of Shakespeare's original London indoor theater.  The actors sing, dance, perform, entertain and bring Shakespeare to life.  Shakespeare's works are timeless, and The American Shakespeare Center proves that.

My children sat through 150 minutes of All's Well Thant Ends Well yesterday.  We knew nothing about the play before we arrived.  (I meant to read something ahead of time but simply forgot.)  However, after we returned home several hours later, they were able to retell the story to my husband, including some enjoyable moments they vividly remembered.  I'm reminded that Shakespeare is meant to be seen in order to connect the text to modern audiences.  I simply cannot wait to experience it again!

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