06 September 2013

Day 14 / 103 - School on the Patio Sliders

My children noticed that my latest package of Expo dry erase markers included the phrase "Safe for Windows".

Them:  Mom, can we write on the windows?
Me:  Only if it's educational.

Voila!  Here is their Classical Conversations Foundations and Essentials memory work for Week 2 initiated completely on their own.  FYI - we draw lots of pictures to help us remember all the information that we memorize.  An added benefit to this new system is perhaps my patio sliding doors will now be cleaned more than once a season.

THIS is why I homeschool !!!


  1. Love the "safe for window" dry erase markers...are they white?? Will have to try that for a change of pace... scenery!

  2. Hi Geri ...
    The "safe for window" ones are bright neon colors. I've found that all dry erase markers work, but these show up better.