17 July 2013

Day 2 / 103 - Trigonometry Camp

I feel as though I should start this post with a joke about homeschoolers spending their summer breaks attending math camp.  :)

Last week I was part of a Classical Conversations Parent Practicum where I helped align parents and new CC tutors to the classical model of education and helped equip them with our organizational methods.  As I spent my days with the adults, my children spent their days in Trig Camp.

Granted, my children are 11 and 9, so they did not walk away from a three day camp with a course credit in Trigonometry.  They did, however, become well versed in some of the terms needed to understand the concept, and could now quickly define for you sine, cosine, hypotenuse, or the Pythagorean Theorem.  They played many games to practice their math skills.  Above all, they left with a desire to learn more about the subject, which is how I define true educational success.

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