17 February 2013

Day 69 / 102 - Merit Badges

After we moved, we made it a priority to find a local Boy Scout troop for our son.  He had been moderately active in a Webelos troop in Cleveland, but we wanted to step up his involvement.  I have often said that one could make an entire homeschooling curriculum just from a scout handbook.

My husband located a troop, and my son began attending meetings last fall.  I have had very little involvement in the process, which makes me enjoy it all the more.  Of course he's enjoyed the social events, but yesterday he attended a day-long camp near Charleston where he earned his first two Boy Scout merit badges, Photography and Chess.

He had a ton of work to complete ahead of time, all of which he did on his own.  My favorite was his photography slide show, which he created with Legos, of course.  Enjoy the bank robbery posted below!

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