14 December 2012

Day 52 / 102 - Five Kingdoms of Living Things

Last week our hands-on Classical Conversations Biology experiment was to classify plants and animals first by Kingdom and then by Phylum.  We used a variety of unusual animal and plant photos to illustrate various vocabulary.

My husband has an old set of hundreds (possibly thousands) of Animal Cards from the late '70s.  My children and I spent an entire day sorting through the cards and determining if something was a Vertebrate or an Invertebrate.  Then, after that classification, we'd figure out if something was a fish, bird, mammal, etc., or a sponge, mollusk, arthropod, etc.  These cards have moved with us countless times, and I was skeptical as to if we'd ever use them.  Since my children were so engaged in the cards last week, I pushed all other curriculum aside for the day and we read/sorted/studied Animal Cards.  For 6+ hours.  I love Interest-Based Learning!

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