28 November 2012

Day 48 / 102 - You Look Marbulous!

There are a few construction-type toys that I don't think my children will ever outgrow.  Legos are one.  Wooden Brio train tracks are the second.  Marble runs are the third.  As they age, it is even more fun to watch them play with these toys, because their designs and structures become far more advanced and complex.  This marble run is taking up a large amount of space in our living room right now and is constantly attended to.

Update:  I took this photo this morning.  My son wants me to inform you that he's added another ten inches or so to the top.  Approximately, an additional 20 pieces.


  1. I wonder if he would enjoy Roller Coaster Tycoon. My boys loved that program! In fact, just this past weekend 10 years later they made some jokes about it. It uses similar construction skills digitally and I could imagine it being a companion project to the marble game.