25 November 2012

Day 46 / 102 - Washington D.C.

We spent the entire week of Thanksgiving in our nation's capital.  We had a great trip, and it really was a superb time to visit.  Our children had been one other time, three years ago.  It was a rushed and crowded weekend and our sightseeing was limited.  This time, we were able to leisurely stroll through museums and visit some monuments and locations more than once.  I know I could do an individual post on a learning experience from each spot we visited.  But for sake of time and space, I've only listed them below.

- National Mall, Monuments, and Capitol Building
- White House
- Smithsonian American History Museum
- National Zoo (Mei Xiang pictured above)
- Washington National Cathedral
- Daughters of the American Revolution Museum
- Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
- National Geographic Museum
- National Archives

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