28 October 2012

Day 32 / 102 - Long Point Trail

Long Point Trail is a 3 mile round trip trail that leads to an outcropping with impressive panoramic views of the New River Gorge and the New River Gorge Bridge.  We have wanted to spend an afternoon at the point, and today seemed like the right day to do so.  There were a few mildly strenuous parts, but overall the trail was quite manageable and a great find.  The view at the end was spectacular, so this will be the perfect trail to take visitors in the future.

We also wanted to visit the Gorge today to witness the sky.  All our pictures of the Gorge are on beautifully, sunny days.  Today a storm is brewing, and our area of West Virginia is slated for blizzard like conditions as a result of Hurricane Sandy clashing with other weather patterns from the west.  I must say, the sky looked quite Cleveland-like.  The picture below really doesn't do it justice.

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