14 October 2012

Day 28 / 102 - Nuttallburg Coal Mine

Nestled back in the woods of the New River Gorge are the remains of the Nuttallburg Coal Mining Complex which operated from 1870 - 1958.  Several weeks ago, while hiking in the Gorge, I came across the headhouse, so yesterday I returned with my husband and children to show them the site.

Nothing is going to teach my children more about West Virginia history than learning about the coal industry.  This headhouse is in the middle of nowhere.  Literally.  We hiked a strenuous mile and a half downhill just to see the location.  We discussed how it was possible for men to work in this environment and even how difficult it would have been just to show up for work at this site over 100 years ago.  We will never have to experience anything like it in our lifetime, that's for sure!

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