09 October 2012

Day 26 / 102 - Abstract Nouns

Over the past few weeks my son and I have been learning more about nouns, their roles in sentences, and their varying attributes.  Two attributes we've studied in depth are concrete nouns (something that can be experienced with the five senses) and abstract nouns (concept, quality, or condition that cannot be experienced with the five senses).

I found a great lesson plan on Bright Hub Education that you can see by clicking here.  Our favorite part of the activity was looking at a series of sentences and determining whether the underlined word was an adjective or an abstract noun.  For example:
The evening was a round of pleasures.
Don't try to fit a square peg in a round hole.


  1. Do you perhaps have the list of these words in a list format? These words are very helpful for my English class!

  2. Not a complete list, but I've found this one to be helpful.