04 October 2012

Day 23 / 102 - Interjections! with Pictures

Last week we studied interjections.  To make our learning fun, I had my children draw pictures of scenes where a person would be using a strong expression of feeling or emotion.  Some scenes they created were a surfer being attacked by a shark, a baseball game, a hiker falling off a mountain, and a roller coaster ride which is pictured above.  They traded pictures and the other child had to come up with five interjections for that picture.

Of course, for my eleven-year-old son, I specified interjections and not expletives...even though he insisted he's heard 'all those words' while riding roller coasters.


  1. Anne, you just have to know that I often refer other CC Essentials tutors to your website, and that I plan to use it as I prepare to tutor Essentials myself. Thank you for sharing your great ideas at the Cycle 3 Weekly Link-up!

    1. Thanks, Brandy.

      Some of the posts I'm linking to your blog have already been linked before, but I'm recycling.

      Repetition is a lovely thing.