26 September 2012

Day 20 / 102 - Cedar Point and Camping in Cabins

My son turns 11 today.  In keeping with our tradition of having 'experiences' for our birthdays rather than 'parties', we celebrated over the weekend at Cedar Point.  We've had Season Passes to Cedar Point the past three years.  We loved visiting the park regularly, and it was a highlight of our time in northeast Ohio.

Since our 2012 passes are still active, we wanted to visit during our favorite time of year to visit, Halloweekends. So, for my son's 11th birthday, we planned an entire weekend of camping near the park.  Unfortunately, we had some rainy cold weather in the evenings.  However, the campground where we were staying, upgraded us to an empty cabin for a very minimal fee.  Totally worth it!

We had a great birthday celebration.  And to make the trip even more memorable, my daughter cleared the 52" height requirement by less than a centimeter, which made her eligible to ride the Top Thrill Dragster pictured above.

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