18 September 2012

Day 17 / 102 - Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons

Each week, part of our Essentials program has us completing a writing assignment from the Institute for Excellence in Writing.  This year our text is Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons.  I love the text because not only are we learning the many elements of writing, but my children are also completing a writing assignment with a history lesson included.  It's perfect.

The great thing about this text book is that lessons can be tailor-made for children between grades 3rd - 8th, depending on the amount of work they can handle or how difficult the assignment is.  This is my daughter's first year in an IEW class, and my son's third.  Naturally their assignments and completed work look different.

Our first assignment had us writing poetry about the Ancient World using quality adjectives and alliteration.  My son then went on to study strong verbs and adverbs while composing a second poem.  Each week we will add a new element of writing style while completing a writing assignment with an Ancient History theme.

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