08 May 2012

Day 84 / 101 - House for Sale

Our house is for sale.  Two months ago my husband was offered a different job within the same company that was quite a promotion.  So, he accepted.  And, started immediately.  However, the job requires us to relocate to his new city of employment.  The first step, of course, is selling our current home.  Our home wasn't quite sale-ready when his job offer came through, so we have been working long and hard, as well as quickly, in order to list our current home on the market.  Fortunately that happened yesterday.

The kids and I had an extended spring break as schooling was temporarily put on hold in order for us to work around the home.  But, since I believe that all experiences are learning and educational experiences, the skills and knowledge they've picked up over the last few weeks will only prove to shape and influence them for a lifetime.  Here are a few....

- Spackling, sanding, and preparing their rooms to be painted (Read this post if you need to know why they had to be so involved in this).
- Organizing and packing their belongings
- Landscaping
- Cleaning items that we don't normally clean (baseboards, windows, tile grout, fireplaces, etc.)
- Removing wallpaper (actually my daughter became quite the expert at this and rather enjoyed it!)
- Finding a place for everything and keeping everything in that place

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