11 April 2012

Day 78 / 101 - Life Lessons from the Prairie

My daughter has recently been obsessed with the Little House on the Prairie television series.  After reading the books, we began borrowing the DVDs from the library.  She's watched every episode of the first three seasons more than once.  Here's a conversation we had today....

Her:  I think we need to be more like the Ingalls.
Me:  Why is that?
Her:  Well, Ma never loses her temper at the girls.  But, then again, Laura and Mary always do their chores the first time they're asked.  Let's try to be more like them.

Yes, let's!  Let's be just like them!  I know my short-fuse and quick temper with my children is an area of weakness that needs improvement.  I appreciate that my daughter can also begin to see that she has weaknesses of her own that need to change.  We began to discuss these issues as well as how to implement change in order to maturely and humbly serve our family better.  I couldn't agree more.  Let's be more like the Ingalls!

I was so jazzed following our discussion, but it got me thinking.  We don't watch any modern day television.  In fact, I couldn't even tell you what is currently on t.v.  But, are there still shows out there that challenge an 8-year-old girl to obey, respect, and love her parents?  I'm not sure.  So, for now, we'll keep watching the Ingalls.

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  1. Not much good in modern t.v., but Netflix sure does have some oldies but goodies available now! My daughter has read many of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I should really introduce her to the show. Hey, has your daughter seen Anne of Green Gables? I just love that mini series.